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Mitr Phol's Road Map to Be Carbon Neutral by 2030, Net Zero by 2050

Athikom Kanchanavibhu, EVP Digital and Technology Transformation, Explains How
Mitr Phol's Road Map to Be Carbon Neutral by 2030, Net Zero by 2050
Athikom Kanchanavibhu, executive VP - digital and technology transformation, Mitr Phol Group

Mitr Phol, the world's third-largest sugar producer, is on a mission to become the global leader in sugar and bio-based products. It has a diverse portfolio of offerings with strong regional footprint in Thailand, China, Australia, Laos and Indonesia. The company has made energy consumption a major area of focus and is working toward becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and net zero by 2050. Worth 100 billion Thai Baht, Mitr Phol is well-positioned to lead the digital transformation of the bio-based sector and shape the future of the industry.

Precision Farming and Forecasting Energy Consumption

Precision farming and reducing energy consumption are the two key goals of the company. To achieve those, it is embracing advanced technologies that drive smart farming and sustainability initiatives. "We use IoT, AI/ML, and big data applications to optimize energy consumption, improve productivity, and enhance the sugarcane farming cycle. By collecting vast amounts of farming data through a combination of automated devices, manual inputs, drones and sensors, we consolidate it in a cloud-based data lake. The dashboards help us optimize irrigation management and adhere to international standards like Bonsucro," says Athikom Kanchanavibhu, executive vice president - digital and technology transformation at Mitr Phol Group.

"We are in the process of modernizing factories, implementing centralized control room management, and leveraging IoT and AI/ML technologies to optimize energy consumption, develop predictive models, and improve maintenance,” he said.

In addition to new technologies, Mitr Phol is also investing in digital literacy and employee growth to foster a culture that embraces innovation, benefiting over 7,000 employees. It provides comprehensive training programs and promotes agile and innovative thinking to position itself as a leader in digital innovation.

The implementation of RPA technology has played a critical role in the expansion of digital workforce to over 20 business processes, including finance, customer service, marketing and quality assurance. As a result, over 100,000 man-hours have been saved, improving efficiency and demonstrating the technology's impact on productivity enhancement.

Digital Transformation 2.0: From Projects to Products

Unlike many enterprises that view digital transformation as a one-time project with a clear start and end date, Mitr Phol recognizes that digital transformation is an ongoing process that requires a proactive approach to product evolution. "Instead of focusing solely on projects, we shifted our perspective to focus on the transformation of products. This means we continuously evaluate and improve our digital products to meet the changing demands of the market," Kanchanavibhu says.

To drive this transformation, the company has established a dedicated digital product team that focuses on specific business verticals such as farming and manufacturing. This team works closely with technology teams to ensure that enterprise architecture and security align across all digital and technology layers. By collaborating across functions, it develops innovative and scalable digital solutions that can be quickly deployed across the organization.

"Our agile approach to digital transformation allows us to remain flexible and responsive to new business opportunities and market demands. We continuously evaluate emerging technologies and business opportunities to ensure that we are at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Our focus on the transformation of products, rather than projects, ensures that we remain competitive and can quickly adapt to changing market conditions,” Kanchanavibhu says.

Leading the Way

Mitr Phol is committed to leveraging design thinking to drive technology product development, delivering tailored solutions that meet the needs of stakeholders. With a focus on enhancing customer, farmer and employee experience while driving new revenue streams, it is poised to lead the way in digital transformation and drive strong growth and profitability. "Our dedication to a robust digital infrastructure ensures that we can deliver an exceptional overall experience for all stakeholders, while remaining agile and responsive to the demands of a rapidly changing market,” Kanchanavibhu says.

Kanchanavibhu has more than two decades of experience in consulting and industry. He specializes in advancing business performance by strategically incorporating business strategy, human capital, technology and innovation.

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