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Global South Indispensable Part of the World AI Agenda

Abhishek Singh of Digital India Corp. on India's Position in Global AI Arena
Abhishek Singh, MD and CEO, Digital India Corp.

In 2024, India assumes the lead chair position within Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI), a role it held since its founding in 2020. Recognizing AI's interconnected nature, the country emphasizes the need for a global, inclusive partnership to unlock its true potential.

India is committed to expanding not only its AI compute and storage infrastructure but also robust upskilling and reskilling programs. Initiatives such as the national AI program and the National Center for AI aim to create locally trained large language models in diverse languages. Future investments will target GPU enhancement, the establishment of an AI compute grid and the creation of problem-solving-oriented solutions.

Taking a nuanced regulatory approach, India draws inspiration from both the U.S. model of market self-regulation and the European emphasis on citizens' rights. This commitment reflects the need for a regulatory environment tailored to its unique socio-economic landscape.

"Our national AI program is strategically designed to maintain our edge in developing AI solutions for the global stage. As part of this initiative, we are establishing an advanced compute grid, incorporating additional GPUs, and implementing an extensive skilling program," said Abhishek Singh, MD and CEO, Digital India Corp. "This program begins at the school level and extends to upskilling working professionals, ensuring a comprehensive approach to fostering AI expertise at every stage."

In this video interview with ISMG, Singh also discussed:

  • India's position in the global AI arena and the importance of global south;
  • The need for a delicate balance between innovation and regulations;
  • Efforts to augment AI compute and data infrastructure for faster development.

Singh is the additional secretary at the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India. Concurrently, he also serves as the president and CEO of National e-Governance Division.

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