Sandhya Michu

Sandhya Michu

Senior Assistant Editor - Editorial, ISMG

Michu is an experienced professional with over 10 years of expertise in the ICT industry. She has worked with leading media groups such as Cybermedia, 9.9 media and The Indian Express. Michu's focus areas include enterprise technology and government tech initiatives.

How Wadhwani AI Is Using Tech for Social Impact

Sandhya Michu  •  July 17, 2024

OpenAI's GPT-4: Turbocharging Startup Innovation

Sandhya Michu  •  July 10, 2024

Global AI Dynamics: India's $1.34 Billion Bet on AI

Sandhya Michu  •  July 9, 2024

Six Strategies for Responsible AI Development

Sandhya Michu  •  July 9, 2024

CEOs Push AI Agenda Amid Workforce and Cultural Challenges

Sandhya Michu  •  July 1, 2024

Drones Take Flight in Last-Mile Delivery Efficiency

Sandhya Michu  •  June 20, 2024

The Making of a Resilient Enterprise: A CIO's Perspective

Sandhya Michu  •  June 17, 2024

Technology's Role in Personalized Customer Engagement

Sandhya Michu  •  June 14, 2024

Inside South Indian Bank's Four-Pronged Digital Strategy

Sandhya Michu  •  June 13, 2024

Technology-Business Alignment Is Big on CEOs' Agenda

Sandhya Michu  •  June 12, 2024

Optimizing the Efficiency of Data Centers With DCIM Tools

Sandhya Michu  •  June 6, 2024

easyJet Embraces AI Technology to Manage 2,000 Flights Daily

Sandhya Michu  •  May 31, 2024

Only 5% Organizations Have a Mature Gen AI Investment Plan

Sandhya Michu  •  May 28, 2024

Digitalization of the 170-Year Legacy of Sewing Machines

Sandhya Michu  •  May 24, 2024

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