Brian Pereira

Brian Pereira

Sr. Director - Editorial, ISMG

Pereira has nearly three decades of journalism experience. He is the former editor of CHIP, InformationWeek and CISO MAG. He has also written for The Times of India and The Indian Express.

IFFCO's Digital Disruption of the Agriculture Sector

Brian Pereira  •  May 29, 2024

Why Cybersecurity Is Crucial for Connected Robots

Brian Pereira  •  May 23, 2024

Gartner: Use Collective Intelligence for Business Value

Brian Pereira  •  May 13, 2024

Overcoming Resistance to DevOps Adoption

Brian Pereira  •  May 9, 2024

Why Third-Party CNAPP Is Ideal for Securing Hybrid Cloud

Brian Pereira  •  May 8, 2024

IBM Primes Its Quantum Computers for Business Applications

Brian Pereira  •  May 3, 2024

Is the Middle East the Next Silicon Valley for AI?

Brian Pereira  •  May 2, 2024

Are Enterprises Overconfident About Cybersecurity Readiness?

Brian Pereira  •  April 29, 2024

Radar-Guided Robot Lugs 286 Pounds, Follows Factory Workers

Brian Pereira  •  April 23, 2024

Can Generative AI Help With Quicker Threat Detection?

Brian Pereira  •  April 22, 2024

Six Steps to Overcome Privilege Escalation

Brian Pereira  •  April 18, 2024

NASA's Robot Revolution: From Oil Rigs to Space Missions

Brian Pereira  •  April 16, 2024

Zero Trust Adoption: Where Are Enterprises Today?

Brian Pereira  •  April 15, 2024

Google Cloud Next '24: AI Agents, Hypercomputers and Beyond

Brian Pereira  •  April 11, 2024

Breaking Stereotypes: Embracing Diversity to Combat AI Bias

Brian Pereira  •  April 9, 2024

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