Why AI Should Not Be Seen as a Threat to the Human Race

AI Researcher Pinaki Laskar Says AI Can Help Humans Make Better Decisions
Pinaki Laskar, AI researcher and founder, FishEyeBox

The debate about artificial intelligence (AI) versus human intelligence continues, and there are concerns about intelligent machines ruling the human race. But AI researchers are more optimistic and feel AI will augment human decisions - the outcome will be better decisions.

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"AI/ML in the context of deep learning has changed the world's perception of machine intelligence," says Pinaki Laskar, AI researcher and founder, FishEyeBox.

But why do we need AI? Isn't human intelligence enough?

"There are limitations with human intelligence. And AI can augment this or empower it," Laskar says. "The homo sapien will become a machine sapien. We are transforming into homo technologists."

AI can also solve business challenges like energy consumption, for instance.

"Energy is a major challenge for businesses, and there will be sustainability challenges. But AI/ML intelligence can work on the environmental model with a realistic sense of real-world data," Laskar says. "I feel those predictions or the decisions (taken by machines) will be better than ours because of the power and resources of AI, and this will augment human decisions."

In a video interview with Information Security Media Group, Laskar also discusses:

  • Role of AI in the digital transformation of business;
  • How AI can augment human intelligence;
  • AI solving social, economic and global challenges.

Laskar is an AI researcher working on autonomous intelligence. Over the years, he served the innovation and automation labs at FishEyeBox, which is an IT firm working on advanced technology solutions that address common challenges experienced by businesses and consumers. Previously, he was the chief technology officer at RoboApp Technologies.

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